Word Art Canvases

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Finding an original way of saying 'Happy Birthday', 'Congratulations' or simply 'I Love You' can be difficult, so gathering someone's life story and memories to create a beautiful Word Art Canvas is a truly special way of giving a present that is wonderful & memorable.

Let your words tell a story, remember the good times and say it with love.

WORD ART CANVASES Unique, thoughtful & truly personal.

Personalised 50th Birthday present Word Art Canvas
Bespoke 50th Birthday present - 30" x 30" - Fonts 3, 5 & 1

Personalised Word Art Canvas
Word Art - medium size 24" x 18" -  Font no. 5. Standard design

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Every canvas is totally unique and unlike many of the auto-generated designs found on the web I am able to size and place each and every word precisely and thoughtfully, enabling me to build a truly, bespoke and personal design to order.  

"A life time of memories on one beautiful canvas"

Large personalised Word Art canvas
50th Birthday present - 40" x 40" - Ex large -  Font no. 1, 3, & 5. A bespoke commission. Around 585 words, 3 different fonts and entwined silhouettes were placed over a background of favourite song lyrics. 

Personalised wedding present Word Art canvas
Wedding present - 30" x 30" - Ex large - Font no. 5. 
A bespoke Word Art canvas with the wedding vows written around the edge & 3D love hearts.

All artwork & design is the copyright of Jo Wyeth Designs


Jo Wyeth - Personalised Word Art Canvases